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Contemporary Art Gallery

555 Nelson Street
Vancouver, Canada
Closed for installation
until September 29, 2023

Admission always free

Family programming at CAG

The Contemporary Art Gallery strives to engage in collaborative partnerships that bridge engagement with contemporary art, artists and local audiences. Working on-site and off-site, CAG aims to develop dynamic and committed relationships with young people, expanding their knowledge of and relationship with contemporary art and art practices.


Get in touch

For more information and to connect with the Learning and Public Engagement team please call +1 604 681 2700 or contact

Open Studio

Open Studio is a monthly program for young visitors and families inspired by contemporary art practices and CAG’s current exhibitions.

Still Life Casting Kyla Gilbert Sat 14 Oct • 1 pm → 3 pm

Place-based Lumen Printing Sidney Gordon Sat 18 Nov • 1 pm → 3 pm


Past Open Studio Videos

Portrait of Your Future Self with semillites hernández velasco

CAG X Alanna Ho | Sound Journal

CAG X Alanna Ho | Graphic Scores

CAG X Alanna Ho | Tracing Light

CAG X Nicole Preissl | Shadow Lanterns

CAG X Nicole Preissl | Clay Houses

CAG X Nicole Preissl | Eco Collage

CAG X Collage Collage | A Mystery Room Collage

CAG X Collage Collage | Theatre Diorama

CAG X Collage Collage | Pattern Puppets

CAG X Collage Collage | Mini Galleries